About Us

Jubilant PLC was founded upon the principle that microfinance should primarily exist to serve the needs of the poor. To ensure that it succeeds, Jubilant PLC has brought together an experienced board, together with young, innovative and understanding staff, to offer flexible credit and investment products to underserved communities. The success of Jubilant PLC can be seen by its impressive growth, awards for innovation and strategic partnerships. Jubilant PLC endeavors to become the most innovative financial service provider in Africa and beyond, incorporating sound Christian principles and values throughout its operation. This is reflected through a strategic partnership with JCCMI (JCC Ministry International) as one of its key shareholders as well as having a Christian board of directors from a variety of backgrounds. Jubilant PLC was awarded the Citi Micro Entrepreneurship Award 2014, a prestigious award which recognized Jubilants’ unique products serving the market; as the most innovative microfinance institution in Kenya.

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